The Legal Remedy

Understanding Retroactive Child Support

Child support is governed by an order given by the court to the non-custodial parent to make certain payments, for the welfare of his/her child, to the parent who has sole custody of the child.  However, you can also seek child support for an earlier period even if the court had not issued such an […]

Introduction to Medical Malpractice

Many people have the misconception that any mistake performed by a doctor is medical malpractice. Doctors are humans and are also permitted to commit mistakes. However, there are certain mistakes that are punishable by law. If your doctor has made a mistake while treating you and you are not sure whether it is enough to […]

Things to Avoid After Signing Custody and Child Visitation Agreements

It may be very challenging for former spouses to remain cordial once they have been through a difficult divorce process. The bitter after-effects of the divorce process can easily spill over into how those parents handle the terms of the child custody or visitation agreement that they have signed. This article discusses some things you […]

Are You Legally Responsible for Injuries Your Child Caused in a Schoolyard Scuffle?

While schoolyard fights were a relatively common part of the schooling experience in years gone by, in modern schools violence and fighting is no longer acceptable. Schools take their responsibility to supervise and keep their students safe seriously. If you are called in after a schoolyard scuffle your child has been involved in, you may […]

Primary Responsibilities of Bankruptcy Lawyers

Individuals as well as businesses will only consider filing for bankruptcy as the last possible resort. They will instead try to struggle to pay what they owe rather than have to declare that they are bankrupt. In these tough economic times though, bankruptcy seems to be an inevitable stage and you would be best recognizing […]